SEN Groups

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We currently offer the following sessions for SEN Groups:


- Sensory session! This is a great one where we explore different textures and smells that can be found in  nature. We have various artefacts which we bring along from the Spikey hedgehog to the smooth shells to the soft fur. The different smells which animals and plants can give off. Can you work out which one is the stinky curry plant? The refreshing mint? Or the calming chamomile? Are you brave enough to guess what is in our touch boxes?

- Sandpit fun! We have created a wonderful sandpit with special animals you can find on the beach. You'll learn how each of these animals have their own special superpowers! How have they adapted to their environment? Who is the predator and who is the prey? You can hire out the large sandpit for the whole week or if you want just a short session we can bring along our smaller one. We have certain items in our sandpit which shouldn't be found in the environment which links in nicely to pollution topics. 

- Get out and about! Explore the Nursery grounds or come to visit our garden in Wallisdown. See what animals you can find. Get bug hunting with our pooters. See how great your animal impressions can be. Can you Buzz like a Bee? Slither like a snake?

Artefacts Hour! Great for the older children. We have lots of Artefacts which are perfect for the students to get into groups and see who can win the Artefacts Hour Quiz game. 

We aim to tailor our sessions to your needs and requirements. We have games and worksheets that we can bring along to enhance engagement.


£30 for 1 hour sessions.

£100 to hire the Sandpit for the week.

Additional costs: If out of a 10 mile radius then an additional mileage cost will be added.

For more information or to book please contact Laura at