A brand new eco-friendly British wildlife activity pack!


We've super excited about this activity pack. It contains a whole host of things for you to get involved with and learn from.


What is included:

· Nature note pad to write down all the exciting things that you see.

· An eco-friendly pen to be able to write in the notepad!

· Pencil crayons to help perfect your wildlife drawings.

· Make your own bookmark– so you can design the bookmark however you want to go into your
nature notepad.

· Magnifying glass– to help you see the insects you find up close.

· Plant seeds, soil and pots! Who doesn’t love to grow things.

· Bird seed. This is our favourite! There is absolutely no wheat used in our bird seed so it’s super delicious for those garden birds. Put in a feeder or sprinkle on the floor. WARNING: Contains nuts.

· Torch so you can see what minibeasts are out at night.

· Identification guides– each picture has a tick box so you can check off what you’ve seen.


British Wildlife Activity Pack