Birthday Parties

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Discover Nature offers a unique and individual experience. Each birthday party is tailored to your personal needs so you all get the best experience out of it possible. If your child loves a particular animal then let us know as we will be able to plan a party around this!


£50 for up to 5 children.

Due to current situations we can only have up to 5 children at a party.


Bookable Extras

Giftbags: £1 additional per child


If you are hosting a party at a particular site then we are able to come along to carry out activities. Activities can be limited on certain sites as to not introduce plant species which shouldn't be there. We have designed our own garden into the perfect party venue which is available to view in advance. Each party includes a certificate for each child and the birthday child gets a special gift bag at the end.


Example activities include: 

Getting messy! This one includes activities such as making seed bombs and suet balls. Looking at what animals would want to eat. Digging in the dirt to see what minibeasts live down below. Making mud sculptures.

Arts and crafts! A nature themed session where we decorate boxes based upon what items we find on the floor during out guided walk. Can you find all the items on the treasure trail during our walk. Have a hunt for some minibeasts and create our own little Minibeast Monsters.

Surveys! A personal favourite which happens May - October only. This one only happens in our garden due to the habitats we've created here. We will get involved with pond dipping, see if we can find any reptiles under our mats, create suet balls to take home so you can watch birds in your garden and lastly using our pooters to look at minibeasts.

Winter Warmers! There is still so much to see during the Winter months- even though it may not seem like it. With our Winter Warmer session we do some minibeast surveys. Look around the garden for items which we can put onto our fire to keep nice and warm. Creating suet balls as it's important for birds to get extra food during the winter months. The Winter Warmer session ends drinking our Hot Apple Juice or Hot Chocolate round the fire we started.

Evening parties! When the sun goes down there is a whole new world to see. Our evening parties happen from October through to March. With this session we sit outside, roast marshmellows on the fire and have hot apple juice. Bring torches so you can explore the world of minibeasts in the dark. Hopefully our family of foxes will come out and make an appearance. 




Matt- 29th September 2019


Wow what an amazing nature party today! Perfect for our child’s 5th birthday party with all the children saying what an amazing time they have had  will definitely be using again for future birthday party’s! Thank you again Discover Nature for a great day.

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