During the Holidays we offer Nature Workshop sessions which cover different topics over the holiday season.

The sessions are £30 per child, run from 10am - 3pm and they'll need to bring a packed lunch. Squash is provided throughout the day. Maximum of 5 children per workshop. All materials provided.

Please look at our Bookings Page to find out when our sessions are taking place. Please see below what each of the sessions entail. These workshops are aimed at Primary school level. If there is interest then we will run them for Secondary school level.

Surveying Mammals- Looking into the different ways we survey for mammals. Looking up what is a mammal, what mammals we find in the area and how we survey for each one. This is a two day long workshop and need to book onto both days to get involved. The reason for it being a two day course is the first day we learn about the mammal species and then lay out our different traps. The next day we look to see what animals we caught on our camera trap and on our footprint sheet. Learning how to ID them and what we can do to help conserve them. 

Surveys- This is just a general overview of surveying for different species. It is a 1 day course where we will do pond dipping, Minibeast hunting, Visual surveys and Reptile Surveys.

Whose Poo?! - A very popular workshop! This workshop we look into all the ways in which poo can be useful. How you can survey animals based upon their poo. How you can view the diet of an animal from their poo. It can show their territory range. We'll be using materials to create life like poo from particular animals.

Nature writing- Great for all! Whether you're into writing creative stories, factual information or love poems we will explore your writing styles. We'll go for a walk to get inspiration to do our nature writing

Nature Arts and Crafts- Perfect if you're a fantastic drawer or just love getting creative. You don't have to be a great artist to love this course. We'll look for items on the ground to decorate our boxes and picture frames with. Look for Natural materials to create pictures with. Just being outside and drawing can be an amazing experience. 

Getting Messy- A very practical workshop where we make seedbombs and suet balls. We'll explore what we can find in the leaf litter and what animals like to live in the mud. We'll help make a home for the minibeasts.